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Sussex County Croquet Club

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Internal competitions

All the internal competitions are now on the notice board. They are also on the website

Please check the play by dates and try and adhere to them. If you are unable to play, time extensions should be agreed with Roger Sutton.

Remember when playing internal matches play in whites so that other members know you are playing a match.


Withdrawal from competitions

Any withdrawal from any competition must be notified to me before removing you name from the board.

Withdrawal from block format matches after you have played some of your matches can prove to be very unfair to remaining players. Please therefore complete your commitments even if you are no longer in the running for a place. If you withdraw from one competition without good reason you may be asked to withdraw from all other competitions.


Drawn Pairs

I am now taking entries for the Drawn Pairs which are now on Tuesday 11th June.. For new members this is a tournament where high handicap players are drawn with lower handicap players. It is a handicap tournament. The draw for partners takes place on the day. Please enter by either writing you name on the sheet on the notice board or by e mailing


Charity One-ball - 08/04/2019 @ 17:57
SCCC-logo.png Alz.png

Wednesday 1st May - One o’clock/1300 Hrs.

Open to all players SCCC and surrounding Clubs

Charity One Ball Handicap Heat

in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society www.alzheimer’

Please book/register for places
email: | phone: 07930 600446


For prizes in the Final at Surbiton CC on Sunday, 12th May 2019

£10 donation (or voluntary in excess), payable on the day

Tea available after play

We all know somebody who has been afflicted by dementia. This wonderful charity provides information, advice, support and funds research. The house colour of the charity is blue and all players in heats and the final are encouraged to wear something | blue |.

 The C A back us. Quiller Barratt, the President, is keen to place an emphasis on raising funds for our chosen charity. There is now a Just Giving page ( It can be used for all other donations, such as people who want to donate extra or players who would like to enter your heat but cannot.
We have to be careful to preserve the ability of our chosen charities to claim Gift Aid on our donations. So please be clear to those entering your heat that we are seeking a donation and suggest at least £5 per head. I know that many heat organisers supplement this by raffles and other fund-raising and the average per head last year, when the Downs-Syndrome Association benefited by over £5300 (including Gift Aid), was about £9.

AC Advanced Weekend Tournament 6-7 April 2019

Dominic Nunns beat Stephen Mulliner in the final to win the Southwick salver -26sxp, +26tp, +26tp
Chris O’Byrne won the consolation Hands’  Egyptian.
Chris Coull gained his gold award, and to prove that it wasn’t a one-off did a tpo in his next game!
Full results on Croquetscores here and here
Chris Constable , Manager.

The Southwick Salver

First Round Second Round Third Round Semi-Final Final Winner
Stephen Mulliner Stephen Mulliner +26 Stephen Mulliner +8tp Stephen Mulliner +2, +26 Dominic Nunns -26sxp, +26tp, +26tp
Phil Dunk
Chris Coull Alan Chance +6
Alan Chance
James Field James Field +15 James Field +19 Annabel McDiarmid +20
Paul Watson
Gabrielle Higgins Gabrielle Higgins +17
Neil Coote
Jeff Rushby Annabel McDiarmid +23 Annabel McDiarmid +26
Annabel McDiarmid
Tudor Jenkins Tudor Jenkins +18
Chris O'Brien
John Wells Malcolm Bigg +5 Rich Waterman +21 Rich Waterman +17 Dominc Nunns +17tp, +12
Malcolm Bigg
Rich Waterman Rich Waterman +17
Liz Farrow
Phil Eardley Phil Eardley +16
David H Boyd
Nigel Polhill Paul Castell +23 Dominic Nunns +4tpo
Paul Castell
Dominic Nunns Dominic Nunns +23stp
Robert G Upton

Egyptian Competition

Games Wins Losses Win % Results
Annabel McDiarmid 2 2 100.0% N.Polhill +16, P.Castell +5
Philip Eardley 4 4 100.0% R.G Upton +10, J.Rushby +20, L.Farrow +7, N.Polhill +8
Rich Waterman 1 1 100.0% P.Castell +3
Gabrielle Higgins 4 3 75.0% P.Dunk +16, C.O’Byrne +16, D.H Boyd +26tp, C.Coull -5tpo
Chris Coull 4 3 75.0% C.O’Byrne -7tp, T.Jenkins +14, R.G Upton +26tp, G.Higgins +5tpo
Tudor Jenkins 4 3 75.0% N.Coote +15, J.Rushby +21, C.Coull -14, A.Chance +8
Paul Watson 4 3 75.0% L.Farrow +9, A.Chance -22, J.Wells +3, R.G Upton +16
Malcolm Bigg 3 2 66.7% L.Farrow +7, D.H Boyd -22, C.O’Byrne +24tp
Alan Chance 3 2 66.7% P.Watson +22, R.G Upton +7, T.Jenkins -8
Chris O’Byrne 6 4 66.7% C.Coull +7tp, N.Polhill +9, G.Higgins -16, M.Bigg -24tp, J.Field +13, L.Farrow +14
Paul Castell 5 3 60.0% N.Coote +21, D.H Boyd +23, L.Farrow +16, R.Waterman -3, A.McDiarmid -5
James Field 2 1 50.0% P.Dunk +15, C.O’Byrne -13
Nigel Polhill 5 2 40.0% P.Dunk +13, C.O’Byrne -9, N.Coote +26, A.McDiarmid -16, P.Eardley -8
David H Boyd 5 2 40.0% R.G Upton +5t, P.Castell -23, M.Bigg +22, G.Higgins -26tp, J.Wells -5t
John Wells 3 1 33.3% J.Rushby -1t, P.Watson -3, D.H Boyd +5t
Jeffrey Rushby 3 1 33.3% J.Wells +1t, T.Jenkins -21, P.Eardley -20
Phil Dunk 4 1 25.0% N.Polhill -13, G.Higgins -16, J.Field -15, N.Coote +10
Stephen Mulliner 0
Dominic Nunns 0
Robert G Upton 5 0 0.0% D.H Boyd -5t, P.Eardley -10, A.Chance -7, C.Coull -26tp, P.Watson -16
Neil Coote 4 0 0.0% P.Castell -21, T.Jenkins -15, N.Polhill -26, P.Dunk -10
Liz Farrow 5 0 0.0% P.Watson -9, M.Bigg -7, P.Castell -16, P.Eardley -7, C.O’Byrne -14

14 point AC one day tournament comes to Southwick

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Following the success of Southwick’s one day GC tournament series, we want to offer AC players the opportunity to play in one day tournaments.

If it is well supported we will make one day AC tournaments a regular feature in our annual calendar.

This tournament is open to all AC players of any handicap level.
(Premium or standard membership of the CA is not required for this event.)

Format: 5 x 14 point games with format (Blocks, Flexible Swiss or Egyptian) depending on number of entries and handicap range. (Ideally level play for low handicap players and hcp for higher handicap players.)

Timing: Start 9.30am

Prizegiving: 6.15pm

Cost: £15 (£10 for SCCC members) including tea, coffee and biscuits

A light lunch will be available for £5

To book: contact Roger Sutton

Tel: 01273 962602

The competition was won by Robyn and Bob Clarke who won 6 out of 7 games. Thanks to Fiona Phillips for organising the play and to Linda Gavigan for providing the much-needed warming soup for lunch!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Wins Place
1. Linda Gavigan & Jonathan Isaacs Win 6-1 5-7 Win 7-5 5-7 Win 6-4 Win 7-2 3-7 4 =3
2 Rosemary Faulkner & David King 1-6 3-7 Win 7-6 Win 7-4 6-6 Win 5-3 3-7 6
3 Robyn & Bob Clarke Win 7-5 Win 7-3 Win 7-5 Win 7-4 Win 7-6 Win 7-3 3-7 6 1
4 Roger Sutton & Chris Heath 5-7 6-7 5-7 Win 7-6 Win 7-4 Win 7-6 Win 7-2 4 =3
5 Clive Hayton & Ben Harwood Win 7-5 4-7 4-7 6-7 Win 7-3 Win 7-5 Win 7-4 4 =3
6 Frances Low & Morgan Case 4-6 6-6 6-7 4-7 3-7 Win 6-5 4-7 7
7 Ann Smith & Ray Hall 2-7 3-5 3-7 6-7 5-7 5-6 6-7 0 8
8 Fiona Phillips & Tony Jolly Win 7-3 Win 7-3 Win 7-3 2-7 4-7 Win 7-4 Win 7-6 5 2

New Season Opening Day Events - 13/03/2019 @ 08:09

Opening Day is March 30th( Saturday).

 The  season will begin at 11 am with a President v Chairman match in which all may take part (GC, AC or 1 ball!!).

 Linda will be serving some of her delicious  soup and bread for a light lunch.

So come and take part and start the season off with a swing !

Download Bill, Richard and Ian's Guide to new GC rules

One day GC Competitions - 08/03/2019 @ 18:40

Information on one day GC competitions run by Roger Sutton this year are here.

Curry Lunch - 07/03/2019 @ 11:13

Curry at the Club

SCCC will be having a curry lunch on

Sunday 14th April at 1pm


Chicken with almonds and sultanas (mild)

Chicken Jalfrezi (not too hot!)

Tarka Dal

Cauliflower with onion & tomato (mild)

Spinach and potatoes (mild)

Basmati Rice & all the trimmings!

Assorted Desserts


To book please contact Chrissy Isaacs on

or leave a message on her mobile.

Winter Tournaments Results - 04/03/2019 @ 09:58

Doubles Tournament February 22nd 2019 Singles Tournament 1st March 2019

Our Winter Doubles tournament had 16 teams – 32 people playing in two divisions. The divisions were total joint handicaps of 10 and below (Division 1) and 10 and above (Division 2). We were very lucky with the weather with warm sunshine all day -great for February.

The results were as follows

Division 1

1st Tony Jolly and Fiona Phillips 6 wins out of 6 joint handicap total 7
2nd Liz Farrow and Richard Carline 4 wins joint handicap total 0
3rd Ian and Jean Cobbold 4 wins joint handicap total 5
Joint 4th Richard Brooks and David King 3 wins joint handicap total 4
Andrew Stewart and Stella Russell 3 wins joint handicap total 8
Chrissie Merrington and Clive Grimley 3 wins joint handicap total 4
7th Chris Heath and Bruce Carr 1 win joint handicap total 7
8th Sue and Tony Nicolas 0 win jint handicap total 9

Division 2 Doubles

1st Diana and Sue 5 wins
2nd Lilian & Cathy 4 wins
=3rd Pat Mecham & Sue Caulfied 3 wins
=3rd Rosemary and Pat harden 3 wins
=3rd Reg & Julie 3 wins
=3rd Freda and John 3 wins
7th Linda and Joyce 2 wins

8th Jane and Bridget 1 win

Singles Tournament 1st March Results

The Tournament was very close with the winner declared as Ian; however, having re-checked the scores there was a tie for first place between Ian and Robin both had 5 wins and + 12 hoops

Division 1

1st Ian Cobbold 1st 5 wins out of 6 + 12 hoops & Robin Wootton + 5 Wins out of 6 +12 Hoops

3rd Jonathan Isaacs 5 wins out of 6 + 7 Hoops

There were then 4 players with 4 wins Keith Webb, Andrew Wilson, Liz farrow, and Tudor Jenkins

Division 2

1st Sue Nicolas
2nd Bruce Carr

3rd Jeff Rushby
4th Clive Grimley
5th Reg Soffe
6th David King

Division 3

1st   Linda Gavigan 5 wins
2nd  Susan Caulfield  4 wins Hoops + 6

3rd   Nigel Barton 4 wins  Hoops + 3
4th    Les Ardley 4 wins Hoops +2
5th    Chris Ardley 3 wins
5th   Joint Julie Soffe 3 wins

7th     Diana Langridge 2 wins
8th    Rosemary Faulkner 2 wins

9th    Pat Mechem 1 win
10th    Joyce Parkin 1 win

Roger Sutton




Sorry this event is cancelled due to very poor weather forecast!

We will be holding our first AC Alternate Stroke Doubles tournament of the year on the Sunday 3rd March.   Anyone can enter, no matter what their handicap, so do come and have a go!  You can enter for this tournament  by emailing Deborah Marcus on or by signing up on the notice board in the pavilion at the club, giving the following information by Thursday 28th March:

  • Your name, your partner's name and your respective AC handicaps.
If you would like to play but have no particular partner in mind, just send Deborah an email or tick the appropriate space on the noticeboard and we will endeavour to match you with a suitable partner.

The exact format will be determined when we know how many pairs are competing.  We anticipate 14 point games, starting at 9.30am.  

We will work out the bisque allocation according to the latest doubles system approved by the CA. 

Whites are not required.  Bring plenty of warm, waterproof clothing and your lunch.
Deborah Marcus
Home. 01903 239213
Mob. 07941239652

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