Longman Cup - 26/05/2024 20:32

Sussex County beats High Wycombe in Longman Cup

Report by David Gillett:

Sussex County travelled to High Wycombe Croquet Club on Saturday 25th May for the first round of the Longman Cup, a national AC handicap knock-out event. High Wycombe have two excellent lawns and a compact clubhouse. There was some distraction due to a large boys and girls football tournament next door and a number of red kites circling overhead. Because of the former some assertiveness was required from our driver to be able to park near the lawns.

Mark Hamilton and Chrissie Merrington lost in the doubles against a pair including a rather under-handicapped player on 20. Wins by Simon Fenn-Tye and David Gillett in the singles meant Sussex sat down to an enjoyable lunch with a 2-1 lead. Simon, as anyone would, struggled against the 20 and Mark also lost to give High Wycombe a 3-2 lead. David Gillett won to restore equality.

The deciding match had an exciting finish. Chrissie's opponent scored a point to level the scores in the turn when time was called and put his ball in front of the its hoop ready to make the "golden hoop" in his next turn. However, Chrissie hit in in the extension period and made the one hoop required for a win. The 4-3 victory means that Sussex County travel to Hurlingham in the next round.