Sussex Open Weekend AC Tournament

The first of Sussex County's open tournaments of the season was won this year by Dominic Nunns for the second time; he last won it in 2019.

Dominic is a member of Sussex County and has appeared in the competition winners list every year since 2005 when he won the annual High Bisque tournament for new players; he won the club's most prestigious AC trophy, the Moore Cup, five years later (for the first of many times) and has played nationally and internationally in both forms of the game.

Congratulations to Dominic and thanks for also managing the event. Thanks also to Rachel, Richard, Angela and Marion who provided the lunches.

Full results

First Round Second Round Third Round Semi-Final Final Winner
Gabrielle Higgins Gabrielle Higgins +22 Gabrielle Higgins +26 Philip Eardley +9 Dominic Nunns +26, -16, +5tp
Timothy Luke
Richard Peperell Richard Peperell +14
Paul Castell
Andrew Hobbs Andrew Hobbs +15 Philip Eardley +26
Neil Coote
Jonathan Isaacs Philip Eardley +25tp
Philip Eardley
Nick Parish Nick Parish +26tp Nick Parish +23stp  Nick Parish +17 Dominic Nunns +26
Mark Hamilton
Keith Ross Chris Crowcroft +7
Chris Crowcroft
John Daniels Steve Wright +4tp
Liz Farrow Steve Wright +18
Steve Wright
Nigel Polhill Nigel Polhill +16 Dominic Nunns +5
Tudor Jenkins
Phil Dunk Dominic Nunns +1
Dominic Nunns

Nick Parish beat Gabrielle Higgins +18, +21tp in the play-off for 3rd place.

The Egyptian plate event was won by  (tba). Results courtesy of

Egyptian Consolation Games Wins Win %
Richard Peperell 3 3 100.0%
Nick Parish 1 1 100.0%
Keith Ross 4 3 75.0%
John Daniels 4 3 75.0%
Nigel Polhill 4 3 75.0%
Andrew Hobbs 3 2 66.7%
Stephen Wright 3 2 66.7%
Paul Castell 6 3 50.0%
Liz Farrow 4 2 50.0%
Neil Coote 3 1 33.3%
Jonathan Isaacs 4 1 25.0%
Timothy Luke 4 1 25.0%
Tudor Jenkins 5 1 20.0%
Phil Dunk 2 0 0.0%
Chris Crowcroft 2 0 0.0%