The New Southern Challenge

The Southern Challenge

Simon Carter Rose Bowl

This event will replace the old division one of the Southern Challenge which was run by the Southeast Croquet Federation. The Southern Challenge event was started about ten years ago to provide a club equivalent of the very popular GC Inter Counties. The format of one doubles and two singles games for each match was very well liked as it not only provided a good basis for serious competition, it also allowed the inclusion of slightly higher handicap players in some of the teams and was ideal for advancing some of the promising newcomers.

Over the last few years the number of federation clubs taking part diminished, so the SECF handed the first division back to the Southwick Club who were better equipped to attract teams from other federation areas as this would be necessary to keep the competition alive.

It is Southwick’s intention that they will try to promote entries up to the maximum of twelve teams as this provides an ideal format for a two-day event. For this year all entries will be by invitation, but the manager will be happy to consider any further enquiries. As a general guidance, the average handicap of the top four players should not be higher than say 2 or 3. Entry into the 2024 event will provide priorities for future years. Any queries should be addressed to the manager, Bill Arliss.

The event will take place at Sussex County Croquet Club, Southwick. It will consist of teams of four playing a series of level play GC matches. Each match will comprise two singles and one doubles. A maximum of twelve teams will be accepted and will always start with all play all. The exact format will vary with number of entries.

This year the tournament will be on 22-23 June 2024

Provisional entries so far

Cheam Croquet Club
High Wycombe Croquet Club
Sussex County Croquet Club - 2 teams

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