An explanation of ranking and handicaps

An explanation of ranking and handicaps

I have recently had queries about GC  and realised that people do not necessarily know the CA ranking system and how it relates (or doesn’t!) to your handicap.

The ranking system for GC is available at  and it is easy to follow once you are on the site.

The ranking system for AC is at and is similar to the GC site.

How do you get onto the ranking system?

Once you start playing level games in competitions that are eligible for rankings your results will appear on the ranking site.
These competitions are usually CA or Federation games including leagues and tournaments.
Our monthly singles games also go on to the ranking.

Handicap games do not count towards this at all.

Handicap cards

These are completed every time you play a competitive game whether  handicap or level.

So you can immediately see that your handicap card and your ranking may not match!!!

Does it matter?

It may do!

If you have put your name down for a particular tournament on the CA fixtures list you will get a place as long as it is not oversubscribed.

Many tournaments are allocated places by ballot if oversubscribed and some by ranking order. If you  go to the CA  Tournament Regulations you should find an explanation of how  places are allocated.  

Liz Farrow
Club Captain

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