Advantage GC - Some Guidance

Resources for playing Advantage GC

The most important resource for learning the correct way to play Advantage GC is the document “How to play ADVANTAGE Golf Croquet” which is available on the CA website.

In addition, the Federation held a Zoom training session with Roy Tillcock who has been involved in the design of Advantage GC since the beginning. The Federation thanks Roy for the time he has generously given to helping us introduce Advantage GC as our hadicap league this season.

The Zoom Seminar was recorded and can be viewed in segments:

  1. brief introduction to the rules of Advantage GC
  2. Why play Advantage GC (and not extra turn handicap)?
  3. The extra equipment needed
  4. The importance of announcing the score out loud
  5. Help! Negative numbers!
  6. Checking the score against the hoops
  7. Where’s the Golden Hoop gone?
  8. Unfinished games
  9. How long does an Advantage GC game take?
  10. Wide handicap differences are a problem
  11. 1st-to-4 point games in place of time limits
  12. Lessons learned so far

There was a Q&A after Roy’s presentation and the salient questions and answers were:

  1. Calculating tournament block winners
  2. Playing doubles
  3. How many handicap points for a win?
  4. Game timeline
  5. Advantage peg and post

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