Diana Brothers Drawn Pairs

Enter Diana Brothers Drawn Pairs

Entry closes on Tuesday 7th June.

If you haven't yet entered and wish to do so, please do so by contacting Graham Tucker by email preferably, or by phone before that date. The competition will take place on June 14th and June 15th in the afternoon (allocation to one but not both dates).

Here is a list of entries and availability:

Player Hcap Available
Tue 14th.
Wed 15th.
Simon Ancell 4 Y
Angela Avis 11 Y
Martin Avis 9 Y
Mike Akester 6 Y
Chris Ardley 7 Y
Les Ardley 6 Y
Carole Bailey 9 Y
Chris Bailey 4 Y
Dave Biddlecombe 9 Y
Fran Box 7 Y
Ruth Carter 12 Y
Morgan Case -2 Y
Robert Clark -2 Y
Robyn Clark 3 Y
Christine Constable 5 Y
Pat Connolly 9 Y
Richard Ellis 6 Y
Simon Fenn-Tye 6 Y
Daphne Gaitley 1 Y
Linda Gavigan 6 Y
Anne Gill 10 Y
Noel Gill 0 Y
Gerald Gooders 3 Y
Pam Gooders 7 Y
Ray Hall 6 Y
Mark Hamilton 0 Y
Denise Johnson 9 Y
Ian Johnson 6 Y
Tony Jolly 2 Y
David King 3 Y
Marion King 9 Y
Diana Langridge 5 Y
Vincent LEstrange 6 Y
Frances Low 5 Y
Pat Mechen 8 Y
Chrissie Merrington 0 Y
Gerald O'Brien 5 Y
Fiona Phillips 5 Y
Rachel Pointon 9 Y
RichardPointon 9 Y
Eileen Prodger 6 Y
Julia Soffe 7 Y
Reg Soffe 3 Y
Anne Stanton 10 Y
Mike Stanton 8 Y
Jenny Sutton 12 Y
Roger Sutton 0 Y
Amy Tucker 12 Y
Graham Tucker 6 Y
Trevor Wright 6 Y
Peter Wyld 9 Y
Rosemary Wyld 9 Y

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