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Croquet England (CqE) Membership Status

Unless you are already a member of the CqE, by joining SCCC as a playing member you will also become a Standard member of the CqE and your above contact details (excluding address) will be made available to fellow members of SCCC and the officials of the CqE. Such information will be stored securely by SCCC and the CqE. Tick the following box if you do NOT wish to be a standard CqE member.

Inclusion in CqE on-line directory of members

In addition, you have the option to allow your contact details (including address) to be made available to fellow members of the CqE through the CqE's on-line directory of members. Tick the following box if you do NOT wish your contact details to be shared with other CqE members. (This is irrelevant if you have ticked the above box.)

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