Covid Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment - Playing Croquet
Main Covid-19 Specific Risks Associated with Playing Croquet Date of Risk Assessment 26/03/2021 (applying from 29/03/2021)
Hazard Who Might be Harmed Control/Precautions Additional Information
Droplet and aerosol transmission:
All club visitors Croquet should only be played outdoors. Indoor areas should generally not be used but where this is necessary to access equipment, use the toilet etc the maximum occupancy should be restricted to one person per hundred square feet. Where possible arrive dressed to play and avoid using changing facilities. Face coverings should be worn indoors. Spectators are not currently allowed
Droplet and aerosol transmission:
Players, Referees, Coaches Croquet courts are large areas and 2m social distancing is possible and should be observed. For informal play, no more than six players may occupy a full size court, only four players should occupy a half size/short court. Players should not mix or interchange with those from other groups. Gathering limits do not apply formally organised activity. Such activity will be publicised in advance and run by a manager/organiser, who is responsible for ensuring that the activity is Covid-19 secure. Under those conditions, up to eight players may occupy a full size court.
Fomite transmission:
Shared Playing Equipment
Players and Coaches Any shared equipment eg hoops, balls should be washed down after use. If possible avoid sharing club mallets and consider allowing members to borrow one for a while
Fomite transmission:
Other Contaminated Surfaces
All club visitors Provide hand washing facilities or hand sanitiser and encourage their use. Do not touch things unnecessarily. Clean items such as padlocks, door handles, chairs after use. Clean toilets after use.
Onward Transmission All club visitors Record contact details of those visiting the club and retain for 21 days. Consider the use of a lawn booking system. Consider generating and displaying a QR code for for your premises.

Overall Assessment    
Croquet is inherently a relatively low risk activity, being an individual sport played outdoors with no personal contact.  Most players will by now have received at least a first dose of vaccine. The residual risk can be further reduced by the mitigations stated above.  Given the benefits of playing for physical and mental health and the current, reducing, incidence of infection,  the overall assessment is that the sport should resume for both recreational and organised play.    
Date of Next Review    12-Apr-21

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