A Message from the Academy Director

A message from the Director


27th February 2021


While unsurprising, it is sad that the recently announced Government roadmap for exiting Covid lockdown, supplemented by CA Taskforce guidance, means that, with the exception of our Zoom-based courses, most of our planned courses will have to be rescheduled.

Clubs will not re-open until the end of March. Even with the lawn facilities open and some more relaxations on 12th April, access to the Clubhouse for all participants is important for almost all our courses due to the prevalence of cold weather and the need for some classroom sessions. As this will will not be allowed until 17th May, at the earliest, our May courses will have to be rescheduled.

Planning is now in hand to create a revised coaching programme that is both compatible with the latest Covid control measures and minimises the impact on the playing season, when lawn availability is a critical factor.

As soon as a revised schedule can be announced, it will be published on the Academy, SCCC, CA and SECF websites.

Richard Carline

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