Joining a Club Team

Why not think of joining a club team?

The Club takes an enthusiastic part in a wide range of national and local team competitions, so why not join in?

Where might you fit in? Which teams would you like to play in? If you want more advice on which leagues, competitions or tournaments it might be suitable for you to play in - ask our Club Captain, Liz Farrow.

South East Croquet Federation (SECF) Leagues

Leagues are usually a full day’s play either at home or within approx 50 mile radius. Four matches during the season and you don’t have to play in all of them.

AC A League Suitable for players who are willing to play against a variety of others, usually the lower handicaps, and play to advanced rules. Our club tries to  put in our lowest handicappers.
AC U League Anyone can play in this and we usually field a variety of handicaps.
AC B League For those starting out in AC league games and for the high handicaps.  It is usually a morning's competitive play with a friendly in the afternoon. These are 14pt game matches.
GC Level A team Level play. Suitable for lower handicap players. We tend to play the  lowest available handicappers in any match.
GC Level B team Level play. Suitable for lower handicap players 2 or below.
GC R League Level play. Suitable for players handicap 2 and above.
GC Handicap League Suitable for players of any handicap.

SECF Competitions and Tournaments

AC Team doubles All handicaps are welcome for this two day handicap competition (you don’t have to play
both days.) We have 4 people in teams of 2. It is good fun and a good introduction to
competitive AC.
AC Ladies Teams Day A handicap day for Ladies . The format is undergoing review but a good opportunity to play
a variety of people. Any handicap welcome . People are very supportive of each other.
GC Ladies Teams Day A great opportunity to play handicap in singles and doubles. Any handicap welcome. A team
of 4 is the usual entry with a reserve or two.
GC Southern Challenge Div 1
GC Southern Challenge Div 2
We enter two/three teams for the weekend . The divisions have different handicap ranges.
Ranges are from our lowest handicap players available -2 to handicap 6
Don't be afraid to put your name forward even if you can only play one of the days.
GC Teams Day Handicap play for teams of 4 playing both doubles and singles. Number of teams will be one
or two and any handicap is welcome for this day.

Croquet Association Competitions

These are a day’s play and each is a knockout competition.

The CA usually manages to keep the venues close for the first rounds but our team has played the final against Nottingham before now!

AC Interclub We try to put in the lowest handicaps available. This can vary from 4 or 5  down to minus players
AC Longman Cup This is for players with handicaps between 3.5 and 20 and the team must  have a total handicap of at least 24.
GC Interclub We try to put the lowest handicappers available.
GC Murphy Shield Players from 2 and above (only one player with handicap of 2) and the
 total handicaps of the players must be at least 12 - so range of players

GC friendly matches

For those venturing into club games, playing against another club  and getting ready for the leagues! Usually an afternoon at a local venue or home grounds. Play is handicap and suitable for any players, but especially those with high handicaps.

Club Teams 2023

Want to take part? 

The teams and tournaments we enter are listed below along  with the captain. The suggested handicap range is also listed but this is not set in stone, it is just to give an indication of the level  that the team/players will be playing at.  

In a change from previous years :
The Club Captain Liz Farrow will contact people with relevant handicaps to see if you are interested in entering an appropriate team/tournament. BUT if you want to be considered for any competition, even if you are not the suggested handicap, do let the relevant captain know. 

Tick the box next to team(s) and the details below and click Send

SECF Leagues

Team Captain Suggested Handicap Range
AC A League Liz Farrow 1 minus
AC U League Deborah Marcus 3 plus
AC B League Richard Ellis 10 plus / new players
GC Level A Team Noel Gill 0 minus
GC Level B Team Jonathan Isaacs 2 minus
GC R League David King 2 plus
GC Handicap league Francis Ainley any

SECF Competitions

Team Captain Suggested Handicap Range
AC Team Doubles Deborah Marcus any
AC Ladies Teams Day Deborah Marcus any
GC Ladies Teams Day Sandra Towner any
GC Southern Challenge Div 1 A Team Liz Farrow 1 minus
GC Southern Challenge Div 1 B Team Jonathan Isaacs 2 minus
GC Southern Challenge Div 2 David King 3 plus
GC Teams Day Francis Ainley any

CA Competitions

Team Captain Suggested Handicap Range
AC Interclub Liz Farrow 1 minus
AC Longman Cup Deborah Marcus 3.5 plus
GC Interclub Liz Farrow 0 minus
GC Murphy Shield David King 2 plus
GC Friendly matches

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