Play more croquet this season!

Play more croquet this season!

There's been an explosion of one-day competitions in the South East so there has never been a better time to play competitive croquet locally. Whether you an experienced competitive player or have just started thinking about entering competitions and have a higher handicap you can enter and have the experience of playing a day at a club in easy reach.

Weekend and mid-week multi-day competitions are available if you want a longer tournament experience.

What is available

Croquet competitions fall into three groups locally in the South East:

Club competitions - clubs like SCCC run a range of competitions available to their members but are not open to non-members so you can't enter if you're not a member. But many clubs have reduced membership subscriptions for players who live at some distance so it may be worth joining a second club at some distance if they offer additional competition you would like to enter - or competition during the winter season for example. You can find information about other clubs in the South East on this website.

Croquet Association (CA) regulated competition - these are the competitions advertised in the CA fixtures list and played to full CA regulations; to enter you must be either an individual member of the CA or a member of a CA-registered club; in the latter case you must have your details registered by your club with the CA. These competitions take place during the normal playing season of April to October. You see these fixtures on the CA website here.

South East Croquet Federation (SECF) events - these are open to any member of a club in the SECF  and are one day competitions both in and out of the main playing season. Less experienced players are likely to find these competitions a good way to get into tournament play.  Entry arrangements are determined by the host club. The full list is available in the SECF diary here.

What's available at Southwick?

See this page for a complete list of competitions at the club over this playing season.

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