Capt Höel Llewellyn by Crowther Smith

V: Llewellyn

Capt Höel Llewellyn DSO one of the best scratch players

V for this verse it refers to Llewellyn.

There are very matches he doesn't do well in. (sic – perhaps few was intended?)

The couplet may have been scribbled in a hurry. He seems to have done fairly well rather than exceptionally, is not recorded on Croquet Records, and Prichard1 makes no mention.

Whatman board 183 x 269 mm with label 2532 ((2 1). Loose deteriorating sheet with the only copy of the couplet. The image shows two filled pinholes 30 mm from L and 20 mm R. There is a line of marks (not foxing) at the top, and the lower R corner has been compressed




1The History of Croquet, Col D M C Prichard, London, 1981


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