John Lomas by Crowther Smith

L: Lomas

Although such a busy man Lomas has more than once been one of the “Best Ten”

L stands for Lomas, whose style is so pretty.

You can see by his hat that he's just left the City

John Lomas (1868-1939) ranked 51 for 1919 in Croquet Records may have been too busy to win any of the major tournaments. Though Prichard1 makes no specific mention in the text, he is included in photographs on page 81.

Plain Whatman Board 183 x 269 mm supplied by George Rowney &co. An additional backing board has remains of masking tape on all edges and the couplet is inscribed on a clipping and on the customary loose sheet, but not on the main board (fortunately it describes the image perfectly). Label 2523 (No 20?) The image has three irregularly placed pinholes neatly filled, and very little foxing.



1The History of Croquet, Col D M C Prichard, London, 1981



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