Thinking about trying Croquet?

Croquet is one of UK's best-kept sports secrets - an outdoor game which you can play at all ages and which can be fun, skillful and demanding, all at the same time.  And Sussex County Croquet Club (SCCC) has everything you need to try it out. The club is near to Shoreham, between Brighton and Worthing, easy to find and has free parking. Follow this link to get a map and find out more about the Club.

There are two types of croquet played at SCCC, known as golf croquet and association croquet.  We have expert coaches and programmes to show you how to play both. You don't need any equipment yourself to start with - just flat-soled footwear such as trainers or plimsolls.  Follow this link to find out more about the game.

Dsc06417.pngWith 11 lawns, SCCC is the focus of a huge amount of tournament play so if you have a competitive streak and live in reach of Brighton, it's definitely the croquet club to join. Become a member of the UK Croquet England as well and you can play in all the open tournaments here and around the country as well.

Social scene at croquet.pngAnd finally, really looking for a sociable place to be - well golf croquet is really a chatty sort of game so you'll soon make plenty of friends

SCCC offers free taster and welcome days so do contact us soon by emailing

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