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Sussex County Croquet Club

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AC 14pt level/H/C competition, 4th September 2019

 The original competition in August was cancelled due to expected heavy winds and rain.

A New date!

You are invited to play in an AC 14pt level or handicap singles competition on

4th September 2019

SCCC members £10, non-members £15

If you entered the August competition and have told me you wish to enter this new date, there is no need to do anything; I will have transferred your entry details.

Otherwise, you can enter on-line on the SCCC website.

You can check whether you have already entered here.

Sussex Members: why not forsake the usual AC roll-up on this day, give a tenner to the club and play in this competition instead???

All AC handicaps accepted. Do come along and have an enjoyable day.

John Low

Sorry but due to the very poor weather forecast for Wednesday,

this competition is cancelled.

We are hoping to run it on another date shortly and I will let you all know that that is decided.

This is the new August!


The GC Worlds came to Southwick

Such an event as this can hardly go unrecorded on this website so if anyone has any pictures from the week they wish to publish to record the event, do please send them to the Webmaster.

Eventually I will move this pictures to an album under the photo section of the website, but for the present they are easier to see as a whole in an article.

Two photos sent in by Ray Hall.

Opening Ceremony (photo: Ray Hall)

(photo: Ray Hall)

Thanks to Chris Bailey for sending in these next  shots.

(Southwick Buzz. photo: Chris Bailey)

Macey White (photo: Chris Bailey)

Stephen Mulliner (photo: Chris Bailey)

Toby Savage (photo: Chris Bailey)

(photo: Chris Bailey)

Fathi Farouk (photo: Chris Bailey)

Charlie von Schmieder (photo: Chris Bailey)

Phil Harrison has kindly sent in a clip of Mohamed Karem in the final; his red clears Ben Rothman’s blue, hits black and ends in the hoop!!

Mohamed Karem (video: Phil Harrison)

Video not playing: click here

Finally a selection of photos taken by Gerry Gavigan during the Final.

Mohamed Karem strikes red. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

Ben Rothman taking aim. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

Close-up of Mahamed Karem's grip. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

Euan Burridge, winner of the Plate. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

Shield winner Duncan Dixon. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

Bowl winner George Coulter. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

Losing Finalist Mohamed Karem. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

GC World Champion 2019 Ben Rothman. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

All trophy winners. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)

The Champion. (photo: Gerry Gavigan)


liz_farrow.jpgto Liz Farrow


and Richard Brooks who have both qualified for the GC Worlds 2019 tournament starting Saturday at Southwick, Compton, West Worthing and Tunbridge Wells.

You can come and support them at Southwick when they play: Liz is competing at Southwick on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday morning; Richard is competing at Southwick on Sunday and Tuesday.

If you want to cheer them at the other three venues, all of which they will visit during the five block days, see the schedule here.

We wish them both all the success in the world.

Annual AC and GC Tournament - 11/07/2019 @ 20:51

Two Wins for SCCC Members in Three Competitions

Wednesday and Thursday saw two busy days on the lawns at Southwick with all the Annual Tournament events on both days and the GC roll-up on Thursday adding another 40 or so players on the lawns.

The weather was lovely and players agreed the lawns were in excellent condition "a joy to play on!"

GC A level

Two blocks played for the Jellicorse Cup. A bye in one block meant some waiting for the other block but a mini-contest of 9pt games occupied the time, the winner gaining a bottle of wine.

In the end a single game final only was played between the block winners Charlie von Schmieder and Morgan Case. The smart money was on Charlie to win but aggressive play from Morgann carried the day. Congratulations to him for winning the competition.


A Level Block A RB RC DG JI CM CvS KW Wins Net Hoops
Richard Brooks 7 7 7 7 4 7 5 10
RobertT Clark 6 7 7 7 5 7 4 11
Daphne Gaitley 3 6 4 7 7 7 3 -2
Jonathan Isaacs 6 5 7 7 1 6 2 -4
Christine Merrington 6 0 5 4 6 7 1 -7
Charlie von Schmieder 7 7 4 7 7 7 5 14
Keith Webb 1 3 6 7 0 2 1 -22

A Level Block B DB TB TJ SL RS MC Wins Net Hoops
Don Beck 7 7 7 6 6 3 6
Tony Butcher 4 4 3 3 3 0 -18
Tony Jolly 6 7 4 7 4 2 -2
Stephen Leonard 3 7 7 7 1 3 -2
Roger Sutton 7 7 5 6 7 3 5
Morgan Case 7 7 7 7 4 4 11

Final: Morgan Case 7, Charlie von Schmieder 5

GC B level

Eight players contested the GC competition at B level. Two players, Michelle Leonard and Graham Tucker won 5 out of 7 games but Michelle just had the edge in net hoops scored (11-9) so she was declared the winner.


B Level Block BC LG JG DK ML LM AS GT Wins Net Hoops
Bruce Carr 7 2 3 3 6 7 6 2 -12
Linda Gavigan 6 3 5 3 4 4 3 0 -21
John Gosden 7 7 7 7 4 6 2 4 2
David King 7 7 6 7 5 7 4 4 6
Michelle Leonard 7 7 6 4 7 7 7 5 11
Laki Marangos 7 7 7 7 4 4 6 4 2
Andrew Stewart 5 7 7 4 4 7 7 4 3
Graham Tucker 7 7 7 7 6 7 3 5 9

AC A level

A small but high-quality field competed for the Abbey Challenge Cup this year. The competition was organised as a single block with players having the option to play best of three matches if they liked. Spaces in the day were also filled by a one-ball competition; Paul Castell won the Manager's bottle of wine.

The cup winner was Joel Taylor who won all his of his matches. Congratulations to him.


A Level PC CC GD GF OH CO JT Wins Place
Paul Castell 25 1 23 26tp 26 15 2 6
Chris Coull 26 26 26 26tpo 26tp 0 5 2
Gareth Denyer 26 0 11 9 26 19 2 5
Graeme Fisher 26 3 26 14 19 4 2 4
Omied Hallam 24 18 26 26 26, 26tp 26, 0, 9 5 3
Chris O'Byrne 9 0 23 26stp 1, 0 6 1 7
Joel Taylor 26 26tp 26tp 26 15, 26tp, 26tp 26tp 7 1

AC B level

Another small entry but a well-fought competition. Phil Dunk was on good form and it quickly became clear he was the man to beat. No-one did and only Chris Rolph came close, in what was an enjoyable final match.



B Level PD LF RH CH DH CR Wins Place
Phil Dunk 26 26 26 26 26 5 1
Liz Farrow 6 26 26 24 26 4 2
Ray Hall 3 9 6 8 15 0 6
Clive Hayton 9 9 26 26 21 2 4
David Houston 9 18 26 10 11 1 5
Christopher Rolph 21 17 26 26 26 3 3

AC 14 pt one-day competition - 04/07/2019 @ 08:33

14 point AC one day tournament comes to Southwick

Wednesday 14th August 2019

This is the second one day AC tournament and a chance to play on our lawns

Which are in superb condition ‘The best set of lawns I’ve ever played on’ is a quote from Reg Bamford at the recent Open championships

This tournament is open to all AC players of any handicap level.

(Premium or standard membership of the CA is not required for this event.)

Format: 5 x 14 point games with format (Blocks, Flexible Swiss or Egyptian) depending on number of entries and handicap range. (Ideally level play for low handicap players and hcp for higher handicap players.)

Timing: Start 9.30am

Prizegiving 6.15pm

Cost: £15 (£10 for SCCC members) including tea, coffee and biscuits

A light lunch will be available for £5

To book online please go to the Sussex CCC website :

Club Calendar - 19/06/2019 @ 09:49

The Club Calendar has moved!

The club calendar of events and lawn availability has been fully integrated into the club website and can be reached by clicking the link View club calendar of events and lawns. This can be found in the new box in the righthand sidebar if visible, or by scrolling down the mobile/tablet display. The current month will be displayed . For different month select the month you wish to view and click Show Calendar.   This option will be below the calendar. If no calendar is yet available for the month you want you will see an on-screen message to that effect.

The feature is maintained by Francis Ainley and he can be contacted with information or corrections on or on his private email address.

Club Secretary Liz advises that Members please note the following points:

1.The on-line calendar is now the definitive calendar, i.e. it has precedence over any paper notices that may exist.
2. It is members' responsibility to check the calendar as needed, as updates will be made as and when required
3. Members must inform us of any changes needed to the calendar and to please provide information in the form published, i.e. date, time, event, any special comments and estimate of lawns required.This refers to lawns required for  Academy, League and Interclub matches for SECF, CA and Friendlies as well as Club Social events and Corporates. Information can be mailed to Francis as indicated above.

It is not the intention for it to be used as a booking system for internal matches or games. Continue as usual with these by adding them to the paper calendar. The online version will give you more idea of lawn availability to aid your  planning.

The SCCC  team of Deborah Marcus, Chris Rolph, Morgan Case and David Gillett beat Reigate 4-3 in their Longman Cup match on Sunday 2nd June.

This means we will play Roehampton in the next round in an away match on Sunday 14th July.

Full results:

David Gillett & Chris Rolph lost to Andrew Gray & Martin Peacock -17
Deborah Marcus lost to Doug Dykes -8
Morgan Case beat John Bristow +21
David Gillett lost to Andrew Gray -5
Deborah Marcus beat Martin Peacock +14
Chris Rolph beat John Bristow +18
Morgan Case beat Doug Dykes +11

Canterbury One-Ball - 03/06/2019 @ 11:09

Sussex County win Canterbury One-Ball tournament

Sunday 2nd June saw the Sussex County one ball team consisting of Chris Coull, Gabrielle Higgins and Tudor Jenkins.

Arriving to a laid-on breakfast of crossed buns and tea we quickly dispatched Canterbury A and B teams without a single loss. After a sumptuous and boozy lunch, the team continued with wins of 2 from 3 against each of Ramsgate and Tunbridge Wells, to finish an unassailable 10 from 12. This score won Sussex the one-ball wine cooler as well six crystal wine glasses for the tournament’s highest break – 8 hoops from the skipper, Chris Coull. He also took the jammy-dodger prize for running 4back instead of penult with a hoop and roquet, only continue his break to penult oblivious to his good fortune. The prize? A packet of Jammy Dodgems!

Report from Chris


National Croquet Day - 13/05/2019 @ 19:20
Dear SCCC member

Yesterday's National Croquet Day was a great success in Southwick! We had a lot of visitors who were very well looked after. 
Thank you very much to all who attended, welcomed and assisted our visitors, served tea and cakes or brought cakes along. As well as having a good time and making ourselves moree visible to the community, we hope to gain some new members as a result of everyone's efforts.

Our regular weekly coaching sessions for new members start again this week on Tuesday at 11.30, carrying on to 1.00. All new members (and those who would like a refresher) welcome - see  below or the attached for more details.



New Members particularly welcome !

Tuesdays  1130 – 1300

14th May to 3rd September

Meet by the Canteen !

We’ll cover strokes and tactics, technique and the odd Rule, a bit about AC, and end the Season with a fun Competition

Coaches: Morgan Case & Clive Grimley

    Please confirm each week your intention to attend  by e-mailing Morgan:


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