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Sussex County Croquet Club


Two events in the one-day format:  Association croquet handicap and advanced 14pt games.


The handicap event was won by Phil Dunk; a combination team of Steve Lewendon & Jim Mortell came second.


The advanced event was won by Simon Hayward Tapp who has rejoined SCCC after a gap of some decades. Welcome back, Simon.  The runner-up was Frances Low.


Full results below:

Advanced event (5 round swiss)

1 David Gillett  beat  Alan Theobald +8
2 Frances Low  beat  Jeff Rushby +8
3 Chris / Gene  beat  Graham Pegley +2t
4 Simon Hayward Tapp  beat  John Gosney +4
5 David Cook  beat  John Low +10
6 Frances Low  beat  David Gillett +5t
7 Simon Hayward Tapp  beat  Chris Constable +13
8 David Cook  beat  Alan Theobald +1t
9 John Gosney  beat  John Low +13
10 Jeff Rushby  beat  Graham Pegley +11
11 Simon Hayward Tapp  beat  Frances Low +11
12 David Cook  beat  David Gillett +8
13 Gene Mears  beat  Jeff Rushby +5
14 Alan Theobald  beat  John Gosney +1t
15 John Low  beat  Graham Pegley +1t
16 Simon Hayward Tapp  beat  David Cook +7
17 Frances Low  beat  Gene Mears +7
18 David Gillett  beat  John Gosney +2
19 John Low  beat  Jeff Rushby +6
20 Graham Pegley  beat  Alan Theobald +12
21 Simon Hayward Tapp  beat  David Gillett +9
22 Frances Low  beat  David Cook +9
23 Jeff Rushby  beat  Alan Theobald +1
24 Graham Pegley  beat  John Gosney +2

Simon Hayward Tapp 5 wins
Frances Low 4 wins
David Gillett & David Cook 3 wins
John Low, Gene Mears, Jeff Rushby & Graham Pegley 2 wins
Alan Theobald & John Gosney 1 win.


Handicap event (5 round american)

1  Simon Mew  beat   Liz Farrow +2
2  Keith Slatter  beat   Clive Hayton +8
3  Jim / Steve  beat   Phil Dunk +3
4  Clive Hayton  beat   Liz Farrow +8
5  Phil Dunk  beat   Simon Mew +3
6  Jim / Steve  beat   Keith Slatter +1
7  Liz Farrow  drew with   Jim / Steve
8  Phil Dunk  beat   Keith Slatter +1
9  Simon Mew  beat   Clive Hayton +6
10  Liz Farrow  beat   Keith Slatter +6
11  Jim / Steve  drew with  Simon Mew
12  Phil Dunk  beat   Clive Hayton +1
13  Clive Hayton  beat   Jim / Steve +2
14  Keith Slatter  beat   Simon Mew +9
15  Liz Farrow  drew with   Phil Dunk

Phil Dunk 3 wins
Cline Hayton, Simon Mew, Jim/Steve and Keith Slatter 2 wins

Liz Farrow 1 win.


(Sorry, no photos!)

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