The Sussex Golf Croquet Open Championship was won today by David Crawford who beat James Goodbun in the final 7-6, 7-6.


Runner-up (left) James Goodbun and winner (right) David Crawford

There was an enthusiastic participation in the consolation event for those who did not make the cut into the knockout stage.  This event was played in flexible Swiss format and was won by Helena Fensome.  Keith Webb was runner-up.


CA Past Chairman Bill Arliss and Consolation Event winner Helena Fensome

Results of block stage on Saturday:





Results of knockout:

James Goodbun    beat    Robin Wootton  5-7,7-3,7-2
Lionel Tibble    beat    Jack Wicks    5-7, 7-4, 7-5
David Crawford    beat    Tudor Jenkins    7-5, 5-7, 7-0
Bill Arliss    beat    Mark Hamilton    7-3, 7-5
James Goodbun    beat    Lionel Tibble    7-5,3-7,7-5
David Crawford    beat    Bill Arliss    7-5, 7-5

David Crawford    beat    James Goodbun    7-6, 7-6

3rd Place
Bill Arliss    beat    Lionel Tibble    10-9

5th place
Robin Wootton    beat    Tudor Jenkins    10-9 

Results of consolation event:

Maggie Webb    beat    Helena Fensome    7-6
Bob Ellis    beat    Alan Cottle    7-5
Richard Brooks    beat    Stella Russell    7-3
Bernard Thys    beat    Keith Webb    7-5
Maggie Webb    beat    Bob Ellis    7-5
Helena Fensome    beat    Stella Russell    7-1
Keith Webb    beat    Alan Cottle    7-5
Richard Brooks    beat    Bernard Thys    7-3
Keith Webb    beat    Maggie Webb    7-4
Stella Russell    beat    Bernard Thys    7-2
Richard Brooks    beat    Bob Ellis    7-6
Helena Fensome    beat    John Low    7-5
Keith Webb    beat    Richard Brooks    7-3
Bernard Thys    beat    Maggie Webb    7-4
Helena Fensome    beat    Bob Ellis    7-6
Stella Russell    beat    John Low    7-6
Helena Fensome    beat    Richard Brooks    7-6
Bob Ellis    beat    Keith Webb    7-6