As the entries for the tournament were unfortunately low this year, the four class singles events were merged into two groups.


The top group played a swiss format competition to advanced rules for the Abbey Challenge Cup, and this was won by Jon Palin with 4/5 wins.  Jonathan Isaacs was runner-up also with 4/5 wins, having lost to Jon Palin.


Winner Jon Palin receives the Abbey Challenge Cup from John Solomon


Runner-up Jonathan Isaacs 


The second group also played a swiss format competition but to mixed handicap or advanced rules, depending on the handicap of the weaker player, for the Monteith Bowl, which has traditionally been the premier cup for open handicap play at Southwick.

The winner was club player David Cook who won all his games.


David Cook receives the Monteith Bowl from John Solomon


Results of games:


      Order of Play      
B David Cook +22     John Gosney  
B Quiller Barrett     +1T Pat Jackson H
B Neil Coote     +1T Pamela Gooders H
B John Bee +3T     Richard Jackson  
A Barry Gould     +23 John Daniels  
A Mark Hamilton     +13 Luc Berthouze  
A Jon Palin +23     Jonathan Isaacs  
A Bill Arliss +18     Mary Knapp  
A John Daniels     +17 Luc Berthouze  
A Jon Palin     +16 Bill Arliss  
A Barry Gould     +19 Mark Hamilton  
A Jonathan Isaacs +7     Mary Knapp  
B David Cook +19     Pat Jackson  
B John Bee     Won Pamela Gooders H
B John Gosney     +16 Quiller Barrett H
B Richard Jackson +1T     Neil Coote  
A Luc Berthouze +8     Bill Arliss  
A John Daniels     +7 Jon Palin  
A Mark Hamilton     +11 Jonathan Isaacs  
A Barry Gould     +4 Mary Knapp  
B Pat Jackson     +12 John Gosney  
B David Cook +19     Richard Jackson  
B John Bee     +1T Neil Coote  
A Luc Berthouze     +18 Jon Palin  
A Bill Arliss     +5 John Daniels  
A John Low     +24 Mary Knapp (Stand-in)
A Jonathan Isaacs +16     Barry Gould  
B David Cook +1T     Pamela Gooders  
B Pat Jackson +15     John Bee  
B Neil Coote     +5 Quiller Barrett  
B Richard Jackson +13     John Gosney  
A Luc Berthouze     +18 Jonathan Isaacs  
A Jon Palin +14     Mary Knapp  
A Bill Arliss     +9 Barry Gould  
A John Daniels +26     Neil Coote (Stand-in)
B David Cook +18     Quiller Barrett H
B Pamela Gooders +9T     Richard Jackson H
B Pat Jackson +21     John Low (Stand-in)
B John Bee +3     John Gosney