We have received the following email notice:

Subject: Egypt vs. Rest of World Croquet Challenge

As some of you already know, on August 9/10 a Golf Croquet match will be held at Roehampton between teams of 6 players from Egypt and the Rest of the World. The RoW team is expected to contain the 6 highest ranked eligible players, namely Reg Bamford, Chris Clarke, Robert Fulford, Rutger Beijderwellen, Stephen Mulliner and Sharif Abdelwahab.

The match will consist of 21 matches (9 doubles, 12 singles). It has the potential to produce the highest quality of play ever seen and the result should be a nail biter.

If you would like to attend as a spectator you need to contact the Roehampton Club (Tristan McIlroy, tristan.mcillroy (@), the cost is £5 per day.

If you are prepared to act as a scorer and/or on-court referee (and save £5!) then please email the webmaster who will forward your message to the appropriate person. There will be a barbecue on the Saturday evening and if you would like to attend that please also email the webmaster of this site.