SCCC GC Singles Tournament 31st May 2024

36 players entered the SCCC One Day GC Singles Tournament on 31st May. The tournament was split into 4 sections with the top 2 sections split into 2 blocks of six followed by a cross block final. The higher handicap sections were split into two blocks of 6 and played 5 games each.

Conditions were cold and slightly windy but fortunately the predicted rain failed to materialise, & most of the sections completed their games in time to beat the Friday rush hour.

The catering team of Rosemary Faulkner and Pat Mechen put on a splendid buffet lunch

And some very tasty cakes were offered at tea time.

The results were as follows:

A Section:

Block 1

Winner Liz Farrow

2nd Richard Brooks

3rd Andrew Wilson

Block 2

Winner Steve Chapman

2nd Martin Daniels

3rd Simon Ancell

Final play off: Steve Chapman beat Liz Farrow 7 – 4

B Section: 

Block 1

Winner Douglas Shand

2nd Vincent L’Estrange

3rd Michael Gentry

Block 2

Winner David King

2nd Gavin Taylor

3rd David Dickens

Final play-off: Douglas Shand beat David King 7-5

C Section:

Winner Francis Ainley 5 wins

2nd Steve Baldwin 3 Wins (+7)

3rd Sue Nicholas 3 Wins (+6)

D Section:

Winner: Jim Mander 5 Wins

2nd Paul Griffiths 3 Wins

3rd Paul Brown 2 Wins

Thanks to Jonathan Isaacs for managing the competition.


Steve Chapman


Liz Farrow


Douglas Shand & David King


Francis Ainley


Jim Mander