AC 14pt Competition - 12/05/2024 20:02

AC 14pt Competition 12 May 2024

A small event was held today. Unfortunately the handicap division had to be cancelled for lack of entries but the advanced division did take place, albeit at the lower limit of numbers. It's a shame more of our AC players don't take part as it's an enjoyable format, with the whole thing over in one day.

Eight players took part and played in two blocks of four, three rounds followed by crossover games to determine the overall winner. Block A was won by John Daniels and Block B by John Low who both won all their block games. The final was a rather more one-sided affair; John Daniels took his first ball round to pag and made a good contact leave. John Low attempted to get ball into play but failed to make headway. He had one further chance on the second ball but the game finished 14-0. So it goes!

Three of our new AC players took part: Steve Chapman (not so new really), David Dickins and Nigel Billingham. Both David and Nigel have handicaps on paprer that should have been out of range but they are both keen to get to grips with advanced play and said they very much enjoyed the experience.

Congratulations to John Daniels for winning his super prize (see picture!)



Full results

Block A 1 2 3 4 Wins Points Position
1. John Daniels +11 +11 +11 3 1
2. Chrissie Merrington -11 -6 -1 0 4
3. Steve Chapman -11 +6 -4 1 3
4. David Dickins -11 +1 +4 2 2

Block B 1 2 3 4 Wins Points Position
1. Mark Hamilton -9 +9 +7 2 2
2. John Low +9 +5 +5 3 1
3. Ray Hall -9 -5 -6 0 4
4. Nigel Billingham -7 -5 +6 1 3

In the crossover games:

 David Dickins beat Nigel Billingham +4
Chrissie Marrington beat Ray Hall +7
John Daniels beat John Low +14