Alternate Stroke Doubles AC Competition 26th April 2024

A report from Manager Frances Low:

The Alternate Stroke Doubles AC competition held on 26th April attracted 16 people. A good response including players of beginner status, and top world status.

A miserable, cold day but plenty of good croquet and 'fun'! Thanks to Steve and Mike for an endless supply of jokes and entertainment! And to everyone who made it a friendly tournament.

The two blocks had very close results but in the end the block A was won by Kathy McColgan and John Low, and block B by Gabrielle Higgins and David Dickins. The final was very closely contested and included Kathy and John having one ball pegged out! They recovered well but David and Gabrielle won by 14-12.

Many thanks to all who played and supported this event. It was an enjoyable if freezing day! I hope the 4  Surbiton Ladies enjoyed themselves. They always bring legendary picnics with wine of course!

Thanks to Gabrielle for her kind words, and to those players who felt the time allowed was too tight. I will make it 1h 30mins next time!

We will be holding another ASD on 15th August and there are many other AC events at Southwick to enter. All open to new and experienced players. Come and join us!!

Thanks to Frances for managing the event. In her vote of thanks Gabrielle also thanked Frances for all the work and effort she has put in during the last few years to bring on new AC croquet players through her short croquet programme.


Full results

Block A RH&AB VH&CC KM&JL SC&MA Wins Position
Ray Hall & Andrew Baxter 5 6 10 2 2
Val Hitchens & Carol Collins 7 6 6 1 4
Kathy McColgan & John Low 5 14 9 2 1
Steve Chapman & Mike Akester 9 9 7 1 3

Block B JD&LK GH&DD T&RE FL&RF Wins Position
Johanna Duffy & Lavinia von Kesmark 3 8 7 1 3
Gabrielle Higgins & David Dickins 6 7 8 2 1
Trish & Richard Ellis 7 9 9 2 2
Frances Low & Rosemary Faulkner 8 2 5 1 4

Final Round

Gabrielle Higgins & David Dickins beat KathyMcColgan & John Low 14-12
Ray Hall & Andrew Baxter beat Trish & Richard Ellis 8-7
Johanna Duffy & Lavinia von Kesmark beat Steve Chapman & Mike Akester 9-8
Rosemary Faulkner & Frances Low beat Val Hitchens & Carol Collins 9-6