UK v USA in Florida, 7-12 November 2023


From 7th to 12th of this month the Solomon Trophy will be played for in Florida, America. This is a prestigious AC competition with teams of 6 from England battling it out with America.

We wish Gabrielle (our club member) all the best as she takes part. She is one of the top AC players in England and was runner up in the Womens’ AC worlds in New Zealand earlier this year.

The England team is 

Debbie Lines (captain) 
Alain Giraud 
Gabrielle Higgins 
Stephen Mulliner 
Mark van Loon 
Aston Wade

Amongst their opponents are Matthew Essick and Ben Rothman. Both have won the GC Worlds in Southwick (2022 and 2019) and Matthew was runner up in the AC Worlds at Hurlingham this year.

For those of you who love croquet it will be worth watching.

Details of the video link when they are known.