Your intrepid reporter asked Liz Farrow, Club Captain, what the policy was on engraving club trophies:

Liz tells me

Trophies for our internal competitions are engraved by the club.

We are now trying to make sure that trophies are engraved in October for the winners of that year -ie if you won it in 2023 your name should go on it in October 2023.
This is not possible for all trophies due to various reasons, so don’t be worried if your trophy isn’t engraved with your name. 
This will go onto the trophy next time we engrave.

Please ask me if you are unsure about anything to do with engraving.

Since we are on the subject of trophies, if you win one from another club or from Croquet England, then their policy may be different so do enquire. The South East Federation engraves all their trophies on behalf of clubs that win them.