Championship Report


Gabrielle Higgins will play Liz Drury and Liz Farrow will play Virginia Arney in the first round of the championship knockout stage. Sorry there appears to be no published information on times and lawns at present.

If you play in the Sussex County one-day GC competitions you will know Liz Drury who is a member at Compton. In June she was a 6 handicap; she played in the qualifier event at Compton and took the 4th and last place available for the championship. Taking the 4th place in her block this week - described by Chris Clarke as the "standout performance" in the block, she is now playing in the knockout. A fantastic achievement!

Liz Farrow lost to Virginia Arney 2-7, 7-5, 3-7. In the subsequent Bowl Knockout she lost to Begona Elzaburu 5-7, 4-7.

Gabrielle Higgins beat Liz Drury 7-6, 7-3 but lost to Pouline Salib 1-7, 4-7.


Gabrielle Higgins beat Pamela Barnwell 7-4, 4-7, 7-6

Both Gabrielle and Liz have 4/6 wins and will play in the championship knockout.


Gabrielle Higgins lost to Susanna Romero 2-7, 2-7 and beat Jessica Bullen 7-4, 7-5

Liz Farrow beat Diana Wilson 7-6, 7-6 and Beverly Cardo 7-5, 7-3


Gabrielle Higgins lost to Maram Nabil 2-7, 7-4, 0-7

Liz Farrow lost to Soha Mostafa 6-7, 5-7


The WCF Womens GC World Championship kicks off today with play starting shortly on all 11 lawns.

GabrielleHiggins.jpgGood luck to our two club members competing: Gabrielle Higgins and Liz Farrow. If you want to watch them play their block match schedule is here.


Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Gabrielle Higgins 09:30 on Lawn 9
pm on Lawn 8
11:00 on Lawn 1
11:00 on Lawn 2
late pm on Lawn 7
09:30 on Lawn 8
Liz Farrow 09:30 on Lawn 6
pm on Lawn 10
11:00 on Lawn 7 09:30 on Lawn 3
pm on Lawn 5
11:00 on Lawn 11

Timings: play starts at 09:30 each day. There are 4 match sessions each day so the start times of later sessions are dependent of the length of earlier matches.

Gabrielle Higgins beat Margot Engstrom 7-2, 7-6 and beat Perihan Elwy 7-5, 7-2

Liz Farrow beat Anne Lehmann 7-3, 7-3 and lost to Manal Khodeir 2-7, 7-3, 2-7


(photos courtesy of Ray Hall)

Short video of the Championship here.