Club Competitions - 03/07/2023 08:20

Message from Fiona

Thanks to those who have completed their matches by the date requested.
I see there are a few matches outstanding that should have been played by 1 July.    Some I know are due to be played in the next few days but some are running behind.    Please keep me informed as a decision will be needed if you are holding others up.
Handicap singles blocks in particular need to be played so the next round can be decided. 

The next date for completion of rounds/blocks is 15 July for Chairman’s cup, Improvers, President’s cup

Remember if you are having trouble finding a lawn booking let me or Clive know and we will see if we can swop things around.   The club singles sessions can be asked to give up a lawn for a match.     Lawns are also often available from 4.00. 

Club competition secretary.