AC 14 point day, 28th June - 28/06/2023 21:44

Daniels beats Fenn-Tye in AC 14pt competition

A low entry of 8 players was disappointing but those who played enjoyed the games. Weather was good and the lawns were fine.

The event was won by Martin Daniels who just pipped Simon Fenn-Tye. Both players had 3 wins but Martin had a superior hoop difference so he was declared the winner. Simon was pleased to have a handicap reduction from 16 to 14 so he was satisfied. The games were played in a competitive but friendly spirit. The 14 point game is quick and lasts no more than 1.5 hours. All competitors except Chrissie Merrington had bisques! Chrissie is too good!

Thank you to the competitors for your support and for keeping going with AC. You have all learnt a lot and above all it was pleasing to see so many making 4 ball breaks.

For the uninitiated, that is the important part of successful AC. Interested?? Enrol on the Short Croquet course in the winter. This is an easier version of AC on half lawns. Join us!!

Frances Low- Manager