A win for Sussex County - 11/06/2023 05:47

Close match in first round of CA's Longman Cup (AC)

Two very evenly-matched teams met in the first round of the CA's Longman Cup on Thursday 8th June.

In the afternoon singles, played in handicap order, the SCCC team gave Roehampton, the reigning champions, a total of 3 bisques. SCCC went into lunch 1-2 down with Steve Chapman our winner. David Gillett restored parity but the next game was a win for Roehampton over Chrissie Merrington.

However, the two games that went to time resulted in wins for Simon Fenn-Tye and Steve Chapman and a 4-3 win for SCCC. The next round will be away at Ealing.

Thanks to David Gillett for this report