Drawn Pairs First Stage - 08/06/2023 12:19

Diana Brothers Drawn Pairs 2023

This was the first time the drawn pairs had been played using Advantage play.    There were mixed views on the new system with those who liked it and those who didn’t!
Many hard fought games were played on a beautiful sunny day with the following winning their blocks:

Di Langridge & Rosemary Wyld
Fiona Phillips & Richard Pointon
Ian Johnson & Peter Wyld
Pam Gooders & Vincent L’Estrange
Sandra Towner & Gerald Gooders
Rita Dona & Chris Heath
They will all go through to the next round together with the best 2 runners up:
Ian Cobbold & Jenny Sutton
Diana Rolfe & Graham Tucker
Full results can be seen on CroquetScores and the order for the  next rounds have been put on the website.
Many thanks to Roger for the time he spent working out all the starting scores.