Short Croquet Mini-Competition 2nd June 2023

12 players took part in a mini competition in AC Short Croquet format. Short Croquet is a recognised form of AC and is widely played in other parts of the UK, not so much in the South East. Being played on a half lawn it makes a transition from GC to AC easier as most shots are relatively short distance. In fact most participants were indeed originally GC players so it proved its worth in that respect. It is also only 14 points so each game takes a lot less time, allowing an AC tournament to be played in one day.

Three rounds were played in full and the fourth round only by those in contention (the chill wind for much of the day and the unfortunate need to double-bank half the games slowed the event down and detered others from playing the final round). Three of the four players ended round four with three wins but Robyn Clark was declared the winner on points scored.

Thanks to Frances Low for managing the competition, and for promoting Short Croquet at Southwick over the last two winters and bringing on a cadre of new AC converts.

Full results

Robyn Clark +7 John Low
Richard Ellis +6 Carol Collins
Nicholas Beard +8 Gerald O?Brien
Frances Low +5 Rosemary Faulkner
Martin Daniels +5 Caroline Barnard
Val Hitchens +6 Ann Beard
Robyn Clark +3 Gerald O?Brien
Richard Ellis +14 Ann Beard
Rosemary Faulkner +7 Martin Daniels
John Low +7 Caroline Barnard
Carol Collins +11 Nicholas Beard
Frances Low +1 Val Hitchens
Gerald O?Brien +14 Richard Ellis
Martin Daniels +5 John Low
Ann Beard +8 Rosemary Faulkner
Frances Low +1 Nicholas Beard
Robyn Clark +8 Val Hitchens
Caroline Barnard +1 Carol Collins
Martin Daniels +3 Robyn Clark
John Low +7 Richard Ellis