What one-day competitions have I entered?

Players do occasionally forget they have entered a competition so it is useful to be able to check what you have entered. That has always been possible with the Club's open one-day competitions but the feature has been improved: you can now look at a specific competition or (a new and trial feature) you can see all your competition entries in one list. Both these can be found here, which is in the menu Play croquet - Open competitions - One-day competitions - Check one-day competition entries.

If you are on a reserve list (these competitions are popular) it will tell you where you are in the queue. If you don't want to be on the reserve list, please email to withdraw.

Please note that this only covers one day competitions; if you are looking to see what CA advertised competitions you have entered you must use the CA website; all entries for internal club competitions which are open to entry can be seen on this page.