Club's Federation U League Report

The U league is an AC handicap series with no restriction on the handicaps of players. A team of four plays one doubles game and 2 singles in the morning and four singles in the afternoon. The total of seven games removes the possibility of draw. There are 2 home and 2 away fixtures allocated by the Federation match secretary.

This year fewer members than usual were free for selection and the variety of major fixtures at Southwick restricted availability of lawns and players. The teams were composed from the available players:  Bruce Carr, Chrissie Merrington, Clive Grimley, Deborah Marcus, Ray Hall, Robin Wootton, Robyn Clark.

We played Rother Valley (away, 1-6) after postponements for excessive heat and excessive flooding respectively; Caterham (home, 3-4) ; Royal Tunbridge Wells (home 4-3). We did not play Compton (away) though we raised teams for two dates which were withdrawn and then the club was unable to offer lawns on a third set of dates. We thereby ended in mid-table (7th of 13).

Ray Hall