CA GC Interclub semi final

This was played against Watford at Sussex County Croquet Club on a damp day (Weds 14th sept) after several postponements.

Unfortunately our lowest handicappers were unavailable and so in the morning Liz and Paul took on Nick and Jason who were both -3. We managed to take one game in the doubles but lost 2 -1. Daphne lost to Simon and Noel beat Kevin .

 In the afternoon, both Liz and Paul lost while Noel beat Simon and , as we knew by then that we had lost the match, Daphne and Kevin drew 1 all.

 A match where Watford won 4 -2 with one drawn game.

CA Interclub is quite a commitment as you could end up playing in the North, South, East or West of the country according to how the draw goes.

We played and beat Woking at Woking, East Dorset at East Dorset, then lost to Watford, who will now play a very strong Roehampton team.

My thanks to all those who have played this competition for the club. Richard, Bob, Ian, Roger, Ben, Noel, Paul and Daphne.

Liz Farrow