AC Annual Tournament

This is the Club's premier summer AC event but unfortunately only attracted a very small entry so that it was not possible to run the three advertised class events. 12 players entered but due to Covid and a dental emergency we ended up with 10 players so the competition in one class only was played as a Swiss.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday had pleasant weather, albeit a little windy windy.

The Manager generally prefers a strict Swiss but some slow games in the first two rounds forced a change to a flexible Swiss and less than optimum pairings in the third round of the first day. That day saw split results with only James Tuttiett winning all three matches.  The fourth round spelt a set-back to James as he lost to scratch player John Daniels, putting them both and Liz Farrow on 3/4 wins and 4 others snapping at their heels with 2/4 wins and one round to go.

On Wednesday afternoon, having been quickly trounced by Jon Diamond, I watched much of a lovely game between Liz Farrow and James Tuttiett (back playing with some fluency, he said, after some years in the doldrums), which James won with a well controlled TP.

Meanwhile on lawn 3 a very tense match was unfolding between David Marcus and John Daniels. David is known for his - shall we say deliberate - speed of play and this seemed to be getting to John part way through the match. They were neck and neck with 10 or so minutes to go but in the end John pulled ahead on time. David then hit a 30 yarder across the lawn for his final turn but was unable to get sufficiently in front of 4-back to start a final burst to the peg and so went down 22-19.

Congratulations to John Daniels.


The cup John is holding - the Abbey Challenge Cup - is one of the Club's oldest, having been used continuously for A level AC play at the Summer Tournament since 1927 (apart from the 1939-45). It has a few well-known names on it, including D D Steele and John Solomon. Not much is known about W H Abbey, except that he was a generous benefactor of the Club in its earlier years.

Full results

(Data from CroquetScores)

All Games Wins Results
John Daniels (0) 5 4 J.Isaacs +20,J.Low +2,L.Farrow -23,J.Tuttiett +1,D.Marcus +3
James Tuttiett (1.5) 5 4 C.Daniel +3,D.Marcus +1,D.Marcus +7,J.Daniels -1,L.Farrow +14tp
Cliff Daniel (4.5) 5 3 J.Tuttiett -3,D.Marcus -3,D.Marcus +5,J.Low +17,J.Isaacs +13
Jon Diamond (0) 5 3 D.Marcus -8,L.Farrow +13,J.Isaacs -18,D.Marcus +13,J.Low +24
Liz Farrow (1.5) 5 3 P.Thompson +9,J.Diamond -13,J.Daniels +23,J.Isaacs +11,J.Tuttiett -14tp
David Marcus (2.5) 5 2 J.Diamond +8,J.Tuttiett -1,C.Daniel -5,P.Thompson +25,J.Daniels -3
Jonathan Isaacs (2.5) 5 2 J.Daniels -20,P.Thompson +17,J.Diamond +18,L.Farrow -11,C.Daniel -13
Peter Thompson (1.5) 5 2 L.Farrow -9,J.Isaacs -17,J.Low +19,D.Marcus -25,D.Marcus +8
John Low (4.5) 5 1 D.Marcus +16,J.Daniels -2,P.Thompson -19,C.Daniel -17,J.Diamond -24
Deborah Marcus (8) 5 1 J.Low -16,C.Daniel +3,J.Tuttiett -7,J.Diamond -13,P.Thompson -8

Some pictures of the event, courtesy of Chrissie Merrington

Cliff Daniel
David Marcus
Deborah Marcus
James Tuttiett
John Daniels
John Low
Jonathan Isaacs
John Diamond
Liz Farrow
Peter Thompson
James Tuttiett
Deborah Marcus