GC Inter Counties Report - 22/08/2022 18:19

Richard_Brooks.jpgSussex played in division 1 of the Inter Counties held at Cheltenham on 20th/21st August.
This year the team was made up entirely of Sussex County members:-
Gabrielle Higgins   -2
Liz Farrow   -1
Morgan Case   -2
Richard Brooks   -2   (capt.)

In the past we have enjoyed home advantage in all but one occasion when demoted to Div. 2. 
Fortunately we gained promotion straight away and we’re able to return to Southwick the following year.
This was the first of a two year stint for Div. 1 being held at the Cheltenham venue. It was reassuring that our team were able to prove that we can perform successfully away from home.
We finished mid table with six wins out of eleven matches which put us in sixth place overall.
I finish by congratulating my team and thanking them for their help and support over the weekend.

Richard Brooks   

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