Annual Sussex County v Hove Beach Match

The Annual "Witches of Southwick v Hove Beach" match - played on the seafront,  last night, with lots of Pimms and Food.  The format was doubles - level play.


Southwick Team (in alphabetical order): Carl, Francis, Linda, Morgan, Munchie Mike (Capt), Pat, Sandra, Sue, & Trish.

The photo was taken at 8.30 pm with the match drawn at 4-4.   Francis and Morgan gallantly volunteered to play a decider, in the fading light, before forty whooping spectactors all drinking up the last wine.

To the roar of the home supporters Graeme Kerr (for Hove Beach) hooped the 12th and led his team to glory  -  7-5 - you've never seen such a "victory dance"!

Munchie Mike