AC Ladies Day

The SECF Ladies AC tournament was held at Southwick on 6th July. Sadly, only 5 teams entered and even they had problems filling 3 places.

Anyway, the ladies who did play enjoyed the day and we had some excellent AC singles and doubles. All games were 14 point and 1.5 hours so a busy day. In the end, Surbiton were winners and congratulations are due to their team who were worthy winners. Purley Bury was runner up.

It was so lovely to see so many players who have supported this event over the years. Thanks to you all!



GC Ladies Day

The SECF GC Ladies Day took place on 8th July at Southwick.

12 teams took part - one being a combined SECF team arranged by the manager as West Chiltington could not field a team. Tunbridge Wells also had major problems and could only produce 2 players.

All went well, however, and most teams got in their 3 games each of the 6 rounds. Luckily, players were generous with their time and substituted at various times for Tunbridge.

Games were timed at 50 mins then 8 shots to finish. Draws were allowed.

The results were always close which was heartening and it was good to see some new players, together with the 'oldies' of course.

Surbiton won narrowly with 6 wins (a win is 2-1 or 3-0 in each round). They won 15.5 games. Littlehampton were a close second with 5 wins and 12 games won. In 3rd place were Sussex and Reigate both with 4 wins but Sussex won 8 games to Reigate's 8.5 games.

Well done everyone. It was a delight to see Southwick so busy. The lawns were fast and true. Thanks to you all for supporting the event. Please let me know if you did not like the new level play singles in each round, or if you have any suggestions to improve the day.

Grateful thanks to Daphne Gaitley for not only playing all day but being Referee of the Tournament as well. Thanks to all the other referees. We enjoyed an excellent lunch and tea thanks to Linda Gavigan and her team: Tony and Hilary Jolly, Nigel Barton and Sally Fairman (President of the Joint Club).


Thanks to Frances Low for organising and managing both these competitions.