No mercy shown by Sussex B against Medway

SCCC 6.5.  Medway 0.5

The Sussex B team of Ian Cobbold, Noel Gill, Brian Aikens and Jonathan Isaacs traveled to Medway on a hot July day. The team fielded by Medway was stronger than that who played against Sussex A but with their lowest handicap player having a handicap on 6 up to the highest with a 9, on paper, they were somewhat outclassed with our players ranging between -1 and +1.

This proved to be the case in practice despite some spirited play from the Medway team. The result was SCCC B 6.5 Medway 0.5.

The reason for the 0.5 was caused by the Medway player really suffering from the heat (30C) against Ian Cobbold, their round was at 1 game all and as the total match was already decided so Ian very kindly agreed to offer his opponent a draw.

Medway were extremely hospitable and a pleasure to meet. We think they realised that they should have entered  the U or R league and hope they will field teams for those events next year.

Jonathan Isaacs