Level League win over Merton

Sussex County A entertained Merton at Southwick on 4th July in this SECF level play league match.
We started as favourites with our teams handicap totalling  -5 compared to the opposition’s total of +7.
Our visitors had a good journey down from London and we were able to get the match underway a few minutes before the scheduled start time of 10.30.
By 11.30 we had completed the morning games with Sussex holding a 3-0 lead having won the each of the best of threes in two games.
Everyone decided that it was too early for lunch so after a short drinks break we played one game in each of the afternoons four singles. We were leading 1-0 in all of these singles when took lunch but Merton could have still have turned the match around if they won all of the possible remaining eight games!
It wasn’t to be for the visitors as soon after the resumption we had won three of them each by 2-0. Merton did get a consolation by winning the last to finish by 2-1.
So well done to my team for getting this 6-1 victory.
On a personal level I was pleased to reduce my handicap from -1 to -2 a position I’ve not held since April 2020 or three handicap cards back in my case!

Richard Brooks (Sussex A captain)