Wins for Reigate Priory and Royal Tunbridge Wells

16 teams from 14 clubs took part in this year's GC Teams Day at Southwick. The competition reverted to the format used successfully by Bill Arliss (who was able to visit briefly in the afternoon) for many years but unfortunately did not attract as many entries as was hoped. Nonetheless a successful and enjoyable day.

The morning was devoted to doubles play with the competition in 4 rounds. The event was won by Royal Tunbridge Wells with 3.5 wins in 4 rounds; Sussex  A, Sussex B and Roehampton all had 3 wins.

A light lunch was available and Linda Gavigan, who was leading the catering team in between playing for Sussex B, thanked the clubs for their strong support as most players used the service. Thanks to Linda, Fran Box, Frances Low and Trevor Wright for all their hard work preparing the lunch.

The singles competition in the afternoon comprised of 6 rounds; the weather, which had been by turns sunny and chilly throughout the day, gave us a nasty shock in the last round when the heavens opened, fortunately only for ten minutes.

The competition went down to the wire, with Compton and Reigate Priory both ending up with 9.5 wins out of 12 games. Reigate Priory was the winner with 2 net points more than Compton.

Thanks to Martin Peacock who was the Supervising Referee for the day, assisted in the afternoon by Roger Sutton, Robin Wootton and Frances Low (who was also a formidable parking attendant!). The day was managed by John Low who enjoyed his moments of power wielding Pam Arliss' foghorn to start and end the games.


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