SECF level play GC league match

Having played Woking a week earlier in the inter-club knockout competition we returned the challenge them again in this league match. Both teams had made one change to their previous line up but the final result was the same a 4-3 match win for Sussex.

Owing to the different rules of the respective competitions the batting order for our team had to change somewhat. I had played as number one the week before, I was now relegated to position three.

This time our successes were Liz and Richard who each won both of their singles matches. Morgan and Bob fought hard but found Woking’s Jeff Dawson and Mike Town to be in top form on the day. 

In the end everything hinged on Liz’s last singles game which she nearly lost at the tenth hoop when the opponents ball was almost through to score the point.

Amazingly she was able to clear it from an angled position behind, near the boundary and then went on to win 7-6.

Report by Richard Brooks
Sussex A captain