CROQUET_ACADEMY_LOGO.jpgShort Croquet Course completed at Club

The Croquet Academy has just finished a 4 module introduction to AC Short Croquet. It was the first time we have tried this type of course and it seems to have been well received. The shorter days – 10.15-3.15 – made it easier to absorb and still gave time to practise and exchange ideas and opinions. 4 modules gave us time to present the Short Croquet with the learning of the strokes and some strategies, and to put the ideas into practice. Of course, a short court made everything less overwhelming!

There were 12 participants which was ideal. 3 coaches could be used on a 1 to 4 ratio and so a lot of information could be given and hopefully absorbed!

This course was part of a special winter one and there was a generous discount for SCCC members. There will be follow up sessions for the players on this course in 2022.

If any other SCCC members would like to learn Short Croquet please get in touch with me and we will see what Beginner’s courses we can offer next year. The Academy will offer some courses for Short croquet so please look them up.

Thanks to the coaches – Daphne, Clive, Jonathan, John, Chrissie - for their support, and valuable input.

Frances Low (Lead Coach)