Finals Week Programme - 28/09/2021 17:35

Finals Week Programme

Monday 27th
Time Lawn Format Players
10am 4 Chairmans Cup Best of 3 13point games Martyn Cooperman V Chris Rolph
Tuesday 28th
10am 1 D'Esteere Bowl AC Handicap 26point game David Marcus V John Low
Time Limit3.5 Hours
10am 4 Franc cup AC Ladies 26 point game Rosemary Faulkner V Robyn Clark
for handicaps 16 and over
Wednesday 29th
11am 1 Handicap Singles final Angela Avis v Christine Ardley
Best of 3 13 point games
2pm 4 The Committee Cup Simon Ancell V Nira Scutt
best of 3 13 point games
Thursday 30th September
2pm 1 Diane Brothers Drawn Pairs Roger Sutton & Pam Gooders V
best of 3x 13point games Pat Harden & Chris Bailey
2pm 4 Improvers Cup Richard Ellis v Simon Ancell
Best of 3x 13 point games
2pm 2 Level Play doubles Division 1 Fiona Phillips & Tony Jolly v
Best of 3x 13 point games Jonathan Isaacs & Morgan Case
Friday 1st October
Time Lawn Format Players
10am 4 Daldy Cup Thomas Cullis v Chrissie Merrington
26point game for players with handicaps 9-16
10am 2 Fryer Cup Mens 26point game Bruce Carr V Richard Ellis
for handicaps 16 and over
2pm 4 Level Play Doubles Div 2 Reg & Julie Soffe v Pam & Gerald Gooders
Best of 3 x 13 point games
2pm 2 New Challenge Cup Anne Bolland V Thomas Cullis
Handicap 26point game advanced rules
Saturday 2nd October
9.3 4 Quaich Dom Nunns v Tudor jenkins
Best of 3x 13 point games
10am 1 Presidents Cup Morgan Case v
One 19 point game
1.00pm 4 Millennium Shield Clive Hayton v Tudor Jenkins
Best of 3 x 14 point games
1.30pm 2 Bush Cup AC Pam Gooders V Richard Ellis
18point game for handicaps 18
and over games played to base 8
Sunday 10th October
10am 4 Freddy Reynolds Cup Clive Grimley V Paul Castell
Best of 3 One Ball