SCCC beat Reigate Priory 7-0 in the SECF "R" League.

SCCC followed up their two previous 6-1 victories with a convincing 7-0 win against Reigate Priory at Southwick (Fri 9 Sept). The SCCC team was Tony Jolly (2), Andrew Fall (3), Phil Harrison (5) and Graham Tucker (6)

In the morning doubles, Tony & Andrew took on John Bristow (2) and Phil Davies (3). Tony & Andrew won the first game 7-5, and went 5-1 up in the second, but John & Phil D made a great comeback to take the game 5-7 and level the match. SCCC got ahead in the third and at 6-3 up Andrew took a hard hit shot from 17 yards that struck the upright very hard, spun into the jaws and trickled through the hoop to clinch the match. Both singles also went SCCC's way, with Phil H beating Lorna Jenkins (9) 2-0, and Graham beating Freda Knight (7) by the same score.

After the lunch break, SCCC continued as before with 2-0 wins for Andrew against Phil Davies, Phil H against Freda, and Graham, in his first competitive match since returning from NZ, against Lorna. Andrew was pleased to avenge previous defeats to Phil D this season. Meanwhile Tony and John were still battling away in their match, for their second decider of the day, after Tony took the first game 7-4 and John the second 5-7. This final game went to the wire, with Tony managing to squeeze through by 7-6, to give SCCC a clean sweep.

One match remains for SCCC in this League, a difficult away match at Ealing.

Report by David King