On Wednesday 30th June Sussex County A team visited Compton to play a SECF level play league fixture.
The teams were as follows:-
Sussex A
Richard Brooks -1 handicap (captain)
Liz Farrow -1
Bob Clark -1
Paul Castell 0

Peter Dowd -3
Mike Jay 3
Andrew Fall 4
Richard Platt 4 (captain)

In the morning session Richard & Liz beat Peter & Mike 2-1
Bob beat Andrew 2-1 and Paul beat Richard 2-1
With Sussex having a 3-0 lead at lunch Compton needed to win all of the afternoon singles to claim the match.
Our top two didn’t succeed with Compton getting their revenge for the Doubles defeat with Peter beating Richard 2-0 & Mike beating Liz 2-1.
Fortunately our 3rd & 4th players saw us home to victory with Bob beating Richard 2-0 & Paul winning his match against Andrew 2-0

Final result Sussex A won the match 5-2

Points of interest for those who are statistically minded:-
Sussex scored 106 hoops to Compton’s 88
Because of the difference in handicaps each of the Sussex players actually lost index points with a cumulative total of minus 56!

Report by Richard Brooks (Sussex A captain)