SECF level play GC league match report: A win for Sussex

Both teams were made up from players who have attended the clubs Tuesday low handicap sessions and there was no shortage of experience on display. Most notably the Sussex B captain Jonathan whose commitment to playing and administration in croquet spans over two decades. Also the Sussex A captain Richard whose fifteen year tournament history means that there are now only four other players in the world who have played more GC ranking games.

Sussex A started as favourites with handicaps totalling -6 compared to Sussex B with a combined total of +5. The match was keenly contested with 5 of the 18 games played going to the deciding 13th hoop.

At lunch Sussex A had won the two singles 2-1 & 2-0, the doubles was held over at one game each, to be completed later.
In the afternoon in spite of determined efforts by the visitors, Sussex A were able to win three of the four singles by 2-1, 2-1 & 2-0.  Sussex B won the remaining singles 2-0 and completed a win in the doubles 2-1.

The final result was a match win for Sussex A by 5 - 2

Of course we were then able to thank the visitors for coming, wished them a safe journey home and invited them to come back at any time 😂😂

The teams were as follows:-

Sussex A    Sussex B
Morgan Case (-2) Roger Sutton (0)
Bob Clark (-2)  Jonathan Isaacs (1) captain
Liz Farrow (-1)  Chris Heath (2)
Richard Brooks (-1) captain Tony Jolly (2)

I would like to thank my team and Tony of Sussex B for their help in setting up for the match.
Finally my thanks to Ben and his team for providing excellent lawns with firm hoops in new positions and well set to the 1/16” maximum clearance that I had requested.

Report by Richard Brooks