Calling all Volunteers - 29/04/2021 18:47

Calling All Members

As the season gets underway there are a multitude of jobs for which we need your help.

(New members may not be aware that most tasks at the club, apart from lawn maintenance, are carried out by volunteers from the membership as subscriptions do not cover the full cost of running the club.)

It’s a great way to get more involved in what’s happening around the club and meet other members. Currently we need help with the following:

Kitchen Contact:

In preparation for re-opening the kitchen and clubhouse, I’ve arranged a professional deep clean of the kitchen and bar on Thursday 13th May and need help with the following:

Emptying all cupboards, shelves, drawers etc before the cleaning.

Taking down the curtains, wash, iron, rehand.

Cleaning windows inside and out.

After the kitchen clean, washing and replacing all china, utensils etc.

Teams of 2, masked and working with doors and windows open.


Subject to the next step in the roadmap on 17th May, we plan to recommence catering on a slightly reduced scale for AC Intercounties on 29th May-1st June.

Help needed on each of the 4 days to prep and serve lunch.

I’ll circulate a separate list of other catering dates for both tournaments and corporate events. New volunteers always needed (as are cakes!).

Bar Contact: Chris Rolph

Volunteers also needed for the same dates as above to help in the bar.

Gardening Contact:Eileen Prodger

Help needed to maintain the flowerbeds. Weeding, pruning, planting and watering throughout the season. Bedding plants welcomed.

Maintenance Contact:

We have a working party who maintain the buildings, carry out minor repairs, painting etc. as well as major projects such as the new machine shed by lawn 3. Enthusiastic DIYers always needed.

General Housekeeping

Sadly, we don’t have any magic elves to keep things neat and tidy so if you see bins that need emptying, toilet rolls that need replacing, or any other small tasks, it would be appreciated if everyone would help in this way. Supplies can be found in the ladies changing room and the commercial dustbin is behind the hut near the rear entrance.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Linda Gavigan

phone or email on