August Tournament Results - 18/08/2008 11:11

The August Tournament was completed yesterday, with 35 players in the 4 class singles events.  Weather had been interesting at times (it's hail, not snow!).hail2.jpg.

Photograph kindly provided by Margaret Russell.

The 2-day, 2-legged doubles event was won by Paul Castell and Marie Young who held their title from the previous year, beating Alan Theobald and John Geoghegan. 12 pairs took part, slightly up on last year.  Paul Castell was also the Champion Peeler in the event.

The results on the class singles events:

The Abbey Challenge Cup was won by Jack Davies with 5/6 wins in the block.  Both Paul Castell and Mark Fawcett ended with 4 wins apiece, with Paul being declared runner up on quality of wins.

The Scott Cup was won by Alan Mayne who beat Mary Knapp in the event final.

The Daldy Cup was won by Christine Constable with 4/4 wins in the block. Quiller Barrett, John Gosney and John Smallbone all had 2/4 wins, with John Gosney being declared runner up on quality of wins.

The handicap event ended with Nigel Wilson, Keith Slatter and Margaret Russell all on 4 wins, with the Monteith Bowl being won by Nigel Wilson on quality of wins.

Three CA merit awards were won during the tournament: Neil Coote and Paul Schofield both achieved the Silver Award and Margaret Russell achieved the Bronze Award.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Further pictures of the event can be found here.

Thinking ahead to next year, the Manager is considering making two proposals to the Sussex County Croquet Club for the handicap event, which proved a bit of a trial of endurance. The first suggestion is that only two games should be played on the Saturday. Of the players who expressed a preference, 5/7 wanted to continue with the current 3 games.
The second suggestion is to use a base of 10 for the event, so that nearly all players will have some bisques. All 4 players who expressed a preference, preferred to use base 10.
If any other handicap player wishes to communicate their view, please email the webmaster (, who will pass them on.