Sussex hosts Dulwich in CA GC Inter-club

On Sunday 25th April we hosted Dulwich at Southwick for this first round match.
In this competition the venue is decided by previous ties played between the teams.
After a historical search it was found that Sussex had played at Dulwich in 2007 so this time it was due to be a home tie for us.
With COVID restrictions still in place, meaning our canteen and changing facilities were not open, it was agreed that players should bring their own refreshments and wearing of ‘whites’ would be optional. Both options strongly preferred by the home captain.
Dulwich were able to produce a very strong side with two of their players ranked in the top twenty both having -4 handicaps.

The teams were as follows:-

Sussex in ranking order Dulwich in ranking order:-
Bob Clark   Pierre Beaudry
Morgan Case Simon Carter
Richard Brooks  (Captain) Guy Scurfield  (Captain)
Liz Farrow   Jonathan Claxton


Sussex names and scores are given first

Morning Doubles
Bob(-2) and Morgan(-2) lost to Pierre(-4) and Simon(-4)   7-5, 3-7, 4-7

Morning Singles
Richard(-2) beat Jonathan(0)   7-5, 7-6
Liz(-1) lost to Guy(-2)   7-4, 3-7, 5-7

Afternoon singles
Bob lost to Pierre     5-7, 6-7
Morgan lost to Simon    6-7, 3-7
Richard beat Guy      1-7, 7-4, 7-6
Liz v Jonathan   7-4, 6-7    All concerned deciding not to play the last game as the match was already won by Dulwich 4-2.

I thank my team for putting up a good  fight against strong opposition and wish Dulwich well in the next round.

Report by Richard Brooks